Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion horoscope - Part 1

Hi beauties!

I'm wondering can you guess a girl's sign just by her fashion choices?

I was walking down the street this morning and I was blinded for a second! There was a girl, at seven o'clock AM with a couple of gold accessories... well, not a couple, but a couple of hundred gold accessories! With her hair do, like she came from an old music video, I almost imediatelly thought she was a Lion. Every Lion woman loves to be in the center of attention, and you can notice her by looking at her clothes. Is it true? Do you recognize yourself in your sign description?


They look best in bold colors, sharp cuts, well tailored clothes. Head is symbol for Aries, and because of that, they love hair accessories. You can recognize them by hats, short hair or red hair. They often love to show their beautiful legs.
Colors: red and white.
Fashion designer born in Aries sign: Vivienne Westwood.
Celebrity born in Aries sign: Victoria Beckham


You look best in feminine clothes, delicate, thin fabric. You should avoid bold patterns and sharp cuts. Symbol for Taurus is neck, and necklaces should be used for accenting neck, not covering it.
Colors: pastels
Fashion designer born in Aries sign: Valentino
Celebrity born in Aries sign: Cate Blanchett


Gemini woman likes versatile clothes, and she can dress for every occasion. They like bright patterns, and dark colors are wrong for them. Symbol for Gemini are hands, and they don't like to cover them.
Colors: bright colors
Fashion designer born in Aries sign: Fiorucci
Celebrity born in Aries sign: Kylie Minogue


Cancer woman is feminine, elegant, with a great sense of style. They are sensitive and artistic, they like silver, russet and lilac. Cancer women look best in skirts, lace, dresses with thin straps. Pants are too masculine for them.
Fashion designer born in Aries sign: Armani
Celebrity born in Aries sign: Eva Green

Do you recognize yourself in your sign description?

*Images from Pinterest 


  1. nice post.. i'm cancer... beautiful

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  5. hah..this post is VERY cool....I cannot wait to see my sign..pieces!!!


  6. Virgo virgo! I want to see what it says, haha!Cool post sweetie
    - Che

  7. she has an amazing style!! gorgeous:) would you like to follow each other on GFC, bloglovin and maybe facebook?? let me know dear!:)


  8. Love Victoria Beckham! This was so interesting :) I'm Cancer!