Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to buy perfect heels

If you don't want to buy another pair of heels and never wear them, then I hope this will help!
So many times, I thought "Oh, these are so cute! I have to buy them!" But actually, I couldn't walk in them, so my feet choose for me not to wear them! *I'm thinking of making a display case of all the beautiful heels that haven't stepped on the sidewalk!

But, on the other hand, I have gorgeous high heels that are so easy to walk in, and flats that are killing me. And of course, there's a trick! Your feet have to choose heels, not you:)

This is what you want to know:

* Does do height and the slope of the heels matches your feet? Trick: Try crouching on your toes in front of the mirror, without shoes, and you'll see the natural slope of your feet, and how high shoes can you wear.

* You want to feel comfortable so anything too tight just isn't right if you have wide feet. If the material is elastic, you can be sure it won't give you hard times.

* Look at the ankle straps (if there are any), you can feel uncomfortable if the are any fraction. Trick: Use silicon strips and pads to minimize fraction and eliminate pain and blisters.

* Carefully look at the seaming and material, if they are low quality, they won't last too long and they can change the their form.

* For classic models, you can be sure you can wear them in many occasions. 

* If you don't like the model, it really doesn't matter if they fit like a glove, you won't wear them anyways:)


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